Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

Product Features:

1, With the working process parameters of the printing function and tracing.

2. Automatic feed and drain function.

3. Automatic Water Inlet and outlet.

4. Automatic chemical additives (optional).

5. ADD enzymes and consumables automatically and accurately.

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Details About Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

Product Details:

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of special cleaning equipment for medical profession, scientific research unit and pharmaceutical factory. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is made use of the high frequency oscillation signal from the ultrasonic generator, which is transformed into high frequency mechanical oscillation by the transducer and spread to the medium —— cleaning solution, tens of thousands of tiny bubbles are formed in the negative pressure region formed by the longitudinal long wave of the ultrasonic wave, and then rapidly close in the positive pressure region, in this process, known as the “Cavitation”effect, the bubble closes to create an instantaneous high pressure of more than 1,000 atmospheres.

The continuous high pressure is like a series of small “Explosions”that constantly hit the surface of an object, so that the object surface and the dirt in the gap quickly exfoliate, so as to achieve the object surface purification.


Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, widely used in hospitals endoscope, pipe instruments, scalpel, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, forceps, injection needles, syringes of various sizes, test tubes, glass sheets, dressing changing bowls, various plates, drums, manometers and other radioactive, polluting, large-scale, high-cleanliness ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing, is the hospital operating room, supply room and disinfection center of the necessary equipment.

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