Medical constant temperature boiling tank

Product Features:

1, Made of selected materials processing, smooth surface of equipment, higher hardness than ordinary materials, not easy to deformation.

2. Products after multi-process processing, solid structure, high compactness, uniform texture, long service life.

3, The operation is free and flexible, the use is more convenient, the performance is stable, not easy to damage.

4, Support customization, according to customer needs, processing customization, support to design customization.

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Details About Medical constant temperature boiling tank

Product Details:

Medical boiling tanks are suitable for use in medical unit supply rooms, operating rooms and other parts that require the boiling and disinfection of items. It can be used for boiling and disinfection of surgical instruments, glassware and anesthesia and respiratory treatment items. The equipment structure is reasonable, the heating effect is good, the operation is simple, the use of high-quality 304 stainless steel heating tube, its control system using LIQUID crystal full computer control, can observe the temperature in the control box, can set the boiling time, and whether the boiling end is drained, etc., the system can automatically stop the work as needed.


Medical boiling tank, widely used in hospital endoscopes, luminal instruments, scalpels, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, forceps, injection needles, various sizes of syringes, test tubes, glass tablets, dressing bowls, various plates, barrels, pressure gauges and other radioactive, polluting, large-scale, high-temperature cleaning and sterilization, is the hospital operating room, supply room and disinfection center of the necessary equipment.

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