Golf Club Ultrasonic Cleaner

Golf club ultrasonic cleaner is specially designed for golf court. You can choose token operated function and different capacity for your golf court. Please check detail specification in detail description. You can use this machine to offer dedicate service for your customer or earn money with this machine. If any other requirements, you can contact our sales team for more information.

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Tank Size


Transducer Number


Tank capacity


Ultrasonic power


Heating power



3/4mins automatic off



Tank material



1. With token operated and counter
2. With handle and casters

Details About Golf Club Ultrasonic Cleaner

Token Operating 36L Golf Club Ultrasonic Cleaner For Professional Golf Court

Why You Need Golf Club Ultrasonic Cleaner For Your Golf Court?

1. Hong Sonic Golf Club Ultrasonic cleaner can clean your golf club faster and safer.

2. Hong Sonic Golf Club Ultrasonic cleaner can save your time and labor.

3. Hong Sonic Golf Club Ultrasonic cleaner can make money for you by providing golf club cleaning service in your golf court.

4. Hong Sonic Golf Club Ultrasonic cleaner can improve your service and reputation for your golf club.


We have two standard model for golf club cleaner,please check specification below:

If you need to customize your own size, please do not hesitate to contact our sales man.

Tank size400x300x300400x350x350
Tank capacity36L49L
Timer3/4min automatic off
Ultrasonic power500W800W
Heating power1500W1500W
VoltageAC 110V/220V
Features1. With token operated and counter
2. With handle and casters

Cleaning effect:

Features Of HS-1012:
1. Clean 6 pcs golf club at one time.
2. Special design structure for golf club with holes on the cover.
3. Token operating function. It can provide cleaning service for your customer.You can charge them for money or take it as addtional service in your court.
4. Equipped with universal wheel. You can put this machine in any corner of your court and you can move it easily.
5. Digital control and counter.


1. Why is Ultrasonic Cleaning so Efficient and Effect?
A: When cavitation happens near a dirty object, the vacuum action produced by those million of bubbles constantly imploding creates a tiny pressure wave that reaches deep into every nook and cranny of even the most delicate items. This tiny pressure wave dislodges and breaks up the dirt and other contaminants and gently lifts it away. The result is very fast and effective cleaning.

2. Can ultrasonic cleaning damage parts?
Ultrasonic cleaning is considered safe for most parts; although in some cases it is necessary to observe caution. Although the effect of thousands of implosions per second is very powerful, the cleaning process is safe.

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