Fully Automated Metal Parts Ultrasonic Cleaning Line

The Fully Automated Metal Parts Ultrasonic Cleaning Line will be very useful for massive metal parts cleaning during production not matter punching parts, cutting parts or other metalworking parts.  If you know the cleaning process for your parts, please choose “knew the detail cleaning process” below the product specification and provide related information including picture or drawing if you have through our email, our team will design based on your cleaning process. If you don’t know the cleaning process, please choose “Don’t know the cleaning process” below the product specification and provide detail information of your part including size, material, cleaning requirement, and pictures through our email, our team will evaluate your parts and make some test or design for you.

Additional information

Each Tank Size

Design According To Your Cleaning Parts

Each Tank Capacity

Design According To Your Cleaning Parts

Tank material

SUS304, SUS316

Ultrasonic power

Design According To Your Cleaning Parts

Heating Power

Design According To Your Cleaning Parts


Design According To Your Cleaning Parts

Cleaning Process

Design According To Your Cleaning Parts

Special Function

Design According To Your Cleaning Parts

Details About Fully Automated Metal Parts Ultrasonic Cleaning Line

What Is Automatic Ultrasonic Parts Washer?

Automatic ultrasonic washers are systems that will automatically move a batch of parts through the entire process fully automatically. These ultrasonic systems typically include multiple tanks, each of which performs part of the ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, or drying process along with a robotic system that will move parts from tank-to-tank fully automatically. Without an automation system, operators would be needed to move batches of parts manually, thereby requiring that they are dedicated to the operation of the cleaning line. The return on investment for an automated system is typically less than 2 years when parts are cleaned nearly continuously throughout the day.

All of our automatic ultrasonic washers:

  • are customized to the specific needs of our customer at no additional charge.
  • are manufactured of stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Include true tubular frames for superior support.
  • improve the ultrasonic cleaning performance of the machine.
  • include safety features such as light curtains and equipment guarding.
  • can be provided with any number of processing tanks based on the cleaning requirements.
  • are designed for highly-reliable continuous-duty use.
  • include programmable Recipes of Operation which can be dedicated to a particular part or group of parts.
  • include full-color touch-screen Human/Machine Interfaces and programmable logic controllers.
  • are available with load capacities up to 2000 pounds.
  • are highly price-competitive.

Take a look at our selection of washers below or contact us for immediate no-obligation assistance with your cleaning application.


We have worked with many famous brand companies and government projects like Foxconn, Cummins and the railway department which means you can get the same product from us. We also have years of international experience with installation and testing machines in other countries. We will provide full service for our customers after purchase.


IndustryThe cleaning products and materialsClear dirt
Semi-conductorIntegrated circuit, power tube, silicon wafer, diode, lead frame, capillary, tray, etc.Hards, etching oil, polishing wax, dust particles, etc,
Electrical& electronic machineTube parts, cathode ray tube, printed circuit board, quartz parts, electronic components, telephone switching equipment, speaker components, power meter, LCD glass, core iron parts, computer floppy disk, video parts, head, photo die mask, etcFingerprint, powder, cutting oil, stamping oil, iron filings, polishing materials, walnut powder, polishing wax, resin, dust, etc.
Precision machineBearing, sewing machine parts, typewriter, textile, machine, optical-mechanical device,  gas valve, watches cameras, metal filterMachine cutting oil, iron filings, polishing powder, fingerprint, oil, grease, dirt, etc
Optical deviceGlasses, lens, prism, optical lens, filter lens, glass device, film, optical fiber, etc.Plastic resin, paraffin, fingerprinting, etc.
Hardware& machinery partsBearing, gear, ball, metal shaft parts, tools, adjustable valve and cylinder parts, burner, compressors, hydraulic press, gun and ultracentrifuge, city water faucet, etcCutting oil, iron filings, grease, polishing powder, fingerprint and so on.
Medical instrumentMedical instrument, denture, etc.Iron filings., Polishing powder, oil, stamping oil, dirt, etc.
ElectroplateGalvanized parts, mold, stamping parts, etc.Polishing scrap iron, oil, black iron shell, rust, oxidation shell, scrap iron, polishing powder,  stamping oil, dirt, etc.
Car partsPiston ring, carburetor, flow meter housing, compressor shell, electrical components, etc.Iron filings, polishing powder, oil stamping oil, dirt,  etc.
Chemical fiberChemical or artificial fiber nozzle filter protector chemical fiber texture, etc.The Chemical colloid, glue, and other solid material. dust. Etc.


Customer’s  feedback:


Automated Gantry System:

Rack and pinion style. Capable of different recipe programs and capable of skipping stations. Load and unload stations equipped with conveyor feed in-axes with the machine.

Fast-moving automation platform available, and includes features not included with any competitive equipment.

Smallest most compact automation platform available. The system arrives FULLY PROGRAMMED with the turn-key operation. No programming other than recipe data will be required. The system also includes the following features:

· Single or Dual-position load and unload platform

· 3-color Light tower to indicate operating condition of the system from a distance

· Automation Direct touch-screen (AB optional)

· Automation Direct PLC control system (AB optional)

· 9 processing baskets

· Random Recipe Processor: Operators can add different parts with different recipes at any time. Other systems must process all baskets in the queue with the same recipe. The system allows any basket with any recipe to be added at any time.

· 100 pound load capacity

· Capabilities of loading and unloading inline at both ends with customers load/unload station.

· Conveyor Belt access points / PLC Handshake


Technical Features:

1.Overflow step by step: It can improve the cleaning effect and save cost.

2.Stainless steel trolley system for loading and unloading.

3.Automatical basket return system

4.Minimum 5 mm thick Stainless steel AISI 316 sheet metal plate for making a good base for mounting Robot arm on

5. Front side must be fully closed with sliding doors for easy manipulation

6.Electrical commands with soft-touch monitor

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