Constant temperature numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine

Product Features:

1, the use of single-chip software operation.

2, the use of imported closed-type non-fluorine compressor.

3, the sound cover, cleaning tank are made of high-quality stainless steel.

4, the equipment is good sealing, with sound insulation, heat insulation effect.

5, digital display super temperature, super voltage, super current, low water level, no solution protection indication. 

6, digital display memory, set display ultrasonic working time, ultrasonic power, heating temperature, and the actual temperature. 

7, set the constant temperature in the washing machine tank, ± 2 °C.

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Details About Constant temperature numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine

Product Details:

Constant temperature series table-top ultrasonic cleaning machine, using imported sealed non-fluorine compressor, cleaning machine in the work, heating and refrigeration two kinds of equipment automatically alternate work, so as to make cleaning tank solution temperature constant, can satisfy has the constant temperature supersonic demand the user community.


The constant temperature cleaning series can be applied to certain Chinese medicine extraction, cleaning of special materials. It is also suitable for various experimental projects that require constant temperature ultrasonic. The ultrasonic cleaning machine will exude a lot of heat during use. Friendly tips: Do not inject the ice water directly into the cleaning tank to cool down, which will damage the cleaning equipment.

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