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4.5L Gun Ultrasonic Cleaner Without Drain Vavle

If you have problems with cleaning your handgun, a 4.5L ultrasonic cleaner will be an excellent choice for you. There are five different function models for your option.  If you still have questions about what you need to choose, please feel free to contact our sales team.

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Details About 4.5L Gun Ultrasonic Cleaner Without Drain Vavle

Why You Need Hongsonic Ultrasonic Cleaner?

In case you are a lover of guns, then you might now be well aware of the importance of keeping the cartridge clean too.

The most common method employed to keep these cartridges clean is to use a brass case. Brass is the best choice of storage for your cartridges as it offers you with the following advantages:

brass case

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Property to withstand any kind of harsh temperature
  • Easy extraction and ejection without a material tear
  • Option to reload the case any number of times according to your convenience

This is when you need to check out alternate techniques to cleaning brass cases.

The most recent and efficient method of cleaning brass shells is ultrasonic cleaning. This is also termed as a wet method and once installed it can even be used for cleaning your gun parts too.

This is the best method of cleaning when it comes to users of pistols and high volume loaders. You will need to take the primer first and separate them before going ahead with cleaning on the whole. This is also the best method as you can go ahead with cleaning and drying simultaneously.

Just as the name suggests, ultrasonic cleaner such as Hornady lock n load cleaner makes use of water for the process of cleaning brass.

This ultrasonic equipment contains a built-in basket that can be used to deposit cartridges. The basket is then put in to the container which is already filled with water and cleaning solvent.

This cleaning solvent will then do the job of taking away carbon and other waste deposits from brass.

Yet another added advantage of the ultrasonic method of cleaning is that it takes less than fifteen minutes so as to do its job in an automated way. This means you need not invest more of your valuable time or effort into cleaning your guns and brass cases.

Once the cleaning is complete, you need to take out the cartridges. With wet cleaning, the brass needs to be dried soon after it’s taken out from the container.

The most natural method of drying is to place the element to a towel and then keep it under the sun and this way the drying process is complete.

The most added advantage of wet cleaning is that it cleans shells inside out and allows better cleaning experience than any other traditional method.

With ultrasonic cleaning, you need not worry about items getting jammed inside the lid and also it offers a cost-effective solution to your need.

The only factor that needs your attention is drying which is not a tough task as the most natural energy shall do the job for you.

How to Achieve Better Results
To minimize the effect on the brass there are some things you can do, most of which attempt to reduce the amount of time the cases spend in the acetic acid:

1. Keep the cleaning solution cool. In other words, don’t use hot water to mix up the vinegar solution. My ultrasonic tank is in the garage which isn’t air-conditioned so when I use it in the summer I empty the tank and fill it with cold water.

2. Clean a rather small number of cases at a time. I do about fifteen 17 Remingtons at a time. They’re as clean as they’re gonna’ get in less than four minutes. I’ve tried as many as 100 at a time and it takes a very long time. Brass is pretty good at absorbing ultrasonic energy and too many cases translate to too little energy per case to clean quickly.

3. Keep the cleaning system “tuned”. The unit I have has a tank that is about 5X10X5 inches. I cut a piece of Plexiglas to cover it and cut a hole the size of a 600ml beaker with a fly cutter. I made a collar for the beaker out of plastic foam that fits very snugly so the beaker can be raised or lowered. By adjusting the level of water in the tank, liquid in the beaker and depth of the beaker in the water it can be “tuned” so that the liquid in the beaker appears to boil while the water in the tank is calm. It only takes a few minutes and has a major effect on how long it takes to get them clean.

4. Don’t let the beaker touch any part of the tank, especially the bottom where the transducer is. The idea is to cause the brass to oscillate, not the container.

 Brief Introduction Of 4.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner:

4.5L ultrasonic cleaner is a helpful cleaning tool for your dirty parts. It has 180W ultrasonic power which can handle the normal cleaning job. Besides we have five different series for you to choose.

  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner without additional function. (This model is a classic model which was made more than 20 years ago. It has stable quality and power. )
  • Mechanical control ultrasonic cleaner without additional function. (This model is also a classic model which was made more than 20 years ago. The analog control is an easy control way. It has stable quality and power. )
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with degas and double power. (This model is designed for handling heavy cleaning tasks and light cleaning tasks at the same time. You can choose different power according to your cleaning task. The degas function will help improve the cleaning effect.)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with low noise and power-adjustable. (This model is specially designed for customers who need a low noise environment. It can cut working noise under 60db.)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with adjustable power. (This model can adjust ultrasonic power from 0 to full power)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with sweep frequency, degas and power-adjustable. (This model has sweep frequency function which can avoid the hot spot during ultrasonic cleaning)

You might want to know what is degas function and what is sweep frequency function. Please check below:

Degas: Degas function can drive out gas in cleaning liquid which will absorb ultrasonic energy.

Sweep frequency: Sweep frequency technology to ensure uniform levels of ultrasonic activity throughout the fluid, these baths offer high performance giving an accurate and precise ultrasonic process. It can avoid the hot spot on the cleaning object.

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