3ply Surgical Mask Making Machine One For One

This model is our standard model which can make 3000~4200 masks per hour. If our standard model is not meeting your requirements, you can choose a custom model and send us your special requirements. Usually, we will have some standard machines in store.

Additional information



Machine Size





about 800kg

Compressed air

0.5~0.7Mpa, usable discharge about 300/min

Production Speed


Qualified rate

99%(Except for The incoming material does not meet the requirements and the improper operation by the worker)

Smart Control

HMI, PLC Programming, servo drive,photoelectric detection

Working Enviroment

Temp:10~35C, humidity:5~35%HR, No combustible, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanliness not less than 100,000 grade)


Details About 3ply Surgical Mask Making Machine One For One

This machine is a 3ply Surgical Mask Making Machine to produce the flat face mask. This production can be: 1 mask blank making machine+2 inside ear-loop welding machine/ 2 outside ear-loop welding machine/ 1 outside ear-loop welding machine+ 1 inside ear-loop welding machine. The process is from raw material feeding, earloop welding & nose wire welding to finished mask. Which can be used in Hospitals, labor protection, etc.


1.Multifunction and Higher Efficiency, lower trouble.

2.Stainless steel structure, Independent PLC touch control panel.

3. The parts surface adopts chrome dealing, covering parts of stainless steel, looking beautiful and clean.

4. Machine with Multifunction, and change the model for each different size shoes cover producing.

5.Automatic piece Account, Machine with Stop Protection

Our service:

services, especially one year of free maintenance warranty.

  1. If there are problems with the machine parts, you can take pictures and send to us by email to explain the situation, we will help to solve it online or by email within 24hours. If the problems cannot be solved, we will send the spare to you within 7working days.

        2. If there are big problems with the machine caused by the wrong operation, we will arrange a professional engineer to solve the problem in customer’s factory, but all the cost including visas, airfare, and accommodations must be paid by the customer.

Packing And Delivery

1. For the standard machines, if we have in stocks we will send it to you within 7 working days after receive your full payment.

2. For the standard machines, if we don`t have in stocks we will send it to you within 30-45 working days after receive your full payment.

3. For non-standard machines, we will send it within 45-60 working days after receive your full payment.

4. We will pack each machine with PE film in strong wooden case.

More Info:

This line uses the non-woven fabric to form the face mask slice and auto add the earloop on the face mask slice directly, it is an ideal equipment to make the medical face mask. we can offer you the face mask machine for making different shapes and different style face mask.
Main Features:
1. High-quality cylinder, servo motor, good stability, low failure rate, and high productivity.
2. Automatic diagnosis and alarm device, reduce maintenance cost, guarantee efficient and safe operation.
3. High automation, automatic control of the whole process of the equipment, stable and smooth operation, long-term continuous
operation and good stability are impressive.
4. Touch screen design, easy-learning simple operation, and effectively saving labor cost.
5. One body machine drives two ear band machines, forming 2 masks at a time, high production efficiency.
5. This whole line can put into production in 1 day when the local site is well prepared.
6. Transport the product well organized, no waste product produced when restarting the machine, low noise when running machine.
Products Application:
It’s mainly used for the automatic forming of disposable, surgical and dust masks, etc.

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