30L Carburetor Ultrasonic Cleaner With Drain Vavle

30L carburetor ultrasonic cleaner can help you a lot in your cleaning jobs. We have five different function models for different applications.  If you still have questions about what you need to choose, please feel free to contact our sales team.

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Details About 30L Carburetor Ultrasonic Cleaner With Drain Vavle

Why You Need Hongsonic Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner?

A clean motorcycle carburetor mixes air and fuel at an efficient rate, creating overall improved engine performance. With use, motorcycle carburetors get dirty, rusty and greasy; in order to retain their ideal power performance, the intricate components need to be regularly maintained and cleaned. Specifically, fuel deposits accumulate and cause heavy build up in chambers, valves and screws; requiring thorough cleaning. Traditional cleaning methods require that the carburetor be broken down to smaller components and cleaned with hazardous carb cleaning solvents. The pieces are then brushed and scrubbed by hand to remove the dirt and grime. This manual method takes a lot of time and work, costing the business money.
Ultrasonic cleaning works for a variety of motorcycle parts including:

  • injector jet nozzles
  • carburetors
  • bearings and gear sets
  • brake calipers
  • cylinder heads
  • seals on the pistons
  • oil and coolant hoses
  • gearboxes
  • 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle engines

How Hongsonic Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner Works?
Ultrasonic machines clean by generating ultrasonic waves into a cleaning solution. The waves generated separate the cleaning solution’s molecules apart causing vacuum “cavities”. These cavities then implode causing “de-cavitations” of ultra-high energy spots of 5000 degrees C. These de-cavitation’s act as microscopic scrubbers that clean effectively.
For example, fuel system components have lots of inaccessible areas that you just can’t see to clean. The ultrasonic action cleans these hard-to-reach areas as well as exposed surfaces. Because ultrasonic cleaning action only removes oil, carbon, varnish, and other built-up dirt, O-rings, seals, and plastic can be left in place. High-end ultrasonic machines also incorporate a heating element that furthers the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning. The solution we use is an alkaline chemical mixed with water. Alkaline is the opposite of an Acid. Acidic solutions won’t work in this case as acid and oil don’t mix. The alkaline solution reacts with oil and turns it into soap which helps it to clean itself!

Brief Introduction Of 30L Ultrasonic Cleaner:

30L ultrasonic cleaner is a helpful cleaning tool for your dirty parts. It has 600W ultrasonic power which can handle the normal cleaning job. Besides we have five different series for you to choose.

  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner without additional function. (This model is a classic model which was made more than 20 years ago. It has stable quality and power. )
  • Mechanical control ultrasonic cleaner without additional function. (This model is also a classic model which was made more than 20 years ago. The analog control is an easy control way. It has stable quality and power. )
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with degas and double power. (This model is designed for handling heavy cleaning tasks and light cleaning tasks at the same time. You can choose different power according to your cleaning task. The degas function will help improve the cleaning effect.)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with low noise and power-adjustable. (This model is specially designed for customers who need a low noise environment. It can cut working noise under 60db.)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with adjustable power. (This model can adjust ultrasonic power from 0 to full power)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with sweep frequency, degas and power-adjustable. (This model has sweep frequency function which can avoid the hot spot during ultrasonic cleaning)

You might want to know what is degas function and what is sweep frequency function. Please check below:

Degas: Degas function can drive out gas in cleaning liquid which will absorb ultrasonic energy.

Sweep frequency: Sweep frequency technology to ensure uniform levels of ultrasonic activity throughout the fluid, these baths offer high performance giving an accurate and precise ultrasonic process. It can avoid the hot spot on the cleaning object.

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