264L Plastic Mold Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

The 264L plastic mold ultrasonic cleaner is a powerful cleaning tool for your plastic molds. You can choose some additional functions like rinsing, drying, lifting, and, etc according to your cleaning requirements. If you can not find what you want on this page, you can contact our sales team through a simple click at two bottom side.

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Details About 264L Plastic Mold Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

What Hongsonic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Can Do For You?

Injection-molded plastic parts are everywhere a part of our daily life. Polymers in a variety of formulations are used to produce these components by being injected into intricately designed molds and subjected to heat and pressure. Because molds represent substantial investments they must be cleaned on a regular basis. Ultrasonic cleaners are recognized across the injection molding industry as a safe, thorough alternative to manual scrubbing, which is a time-consuming process that can damage highly finished mold surfaces while missing contaminants in blind holes, cavities, cores, and pins.


  • Reduces consumption of de-molding agents.
  • Increases commercial attractiveness of the product, since increasingly more final customers demand this cleaning standard.
  • Avoids rejection of first injections due to the presence of remaining substances.
  • Eliminates all remaining, burnt substances.
  • Saves high labor costs.
  • Homogeneous cleaning, hardly achievable through manual cleaning or any aspersion equipment.
  • Increases productivity of your workshop and speeds up the mold exchange process.

Standard or custom size tanks will fit your molds and your workflow.

Depending on the size of your molds and the amount of space you have available, Hongsonic has an ultrasonic mold cleaning system to fit your exact needs. We manufacture a broad spectrum of ultrasonic mold cleaning equipment, from small single chamber units to large custom -designed multi-stage systems. Smaller tanks are used for cleaning mold components such as cores and inserts, ejector pins, etc. Larger tanks can be used for cleaning entire molds, and to accommodate baskets that can be used for cleaning smaller items. Hong Sonic offers a variety of options including filtration and oil separation systems to extend bath life.

Brief Introduction Of 264L Ultrasonic Cleaner:

264L ultrasonic cleaner will be the powerful cleaning tool in the woodworking shops, metalworking shops, car repair workshops and, etc. Do you want a more powerful tool? Don’t worry, you can choose any function you need for 264L ultrasonic cleaner. It is including at least below functions but not last. If you need other functions, you can contact our sales team for more information. 

  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine with oil filtration function. (This function can separate the oil and floating material on the surface of cleaning solution which will prevent the second pollution to the cleaning objects and recycle the cleaning solution for reuse.)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine with auto lifting function. (Auto lift function can allow you to load and unload the heavy parts easily with simple control which can avoid the injury risks)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine with the agitating system. (This function will move dirty parts up and down in certain speed which can help to remove large dirty particle on the surface and it can improve cleaning effect a lot)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine with drying system. (Drying function will let you dry the part immediately after cleaning in case of oxidation on the surface of clean parts. You can also choose air gun for the drying system)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine with rinsing system. (Rinsing system will be helpful when you have high requirements for the cleaning object. You can choose several rinsing tanks to make sure your parts get clean. Besides, you can also install the transducers on the rinsing tank which will improve rinsing effect much more than without ultrasonic)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine with a rotating system. (This function will help clean round objects like the car wheel. It will make the wheel rotating at a certain speed when ultrasonic cleaning which can clean every angle of the wheel)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine with spraying system. (Spraying system will use high-pressure water to prewashing dirty parts before ultrasonic cleaning which will remove some large contaminants)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine with PLC control. (PLC touch control will allow you to set all the functions in one single touch panel, it is suitable for complicated functions )

Furthermore, you can also choose different timer according to your requirements. 

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