250L Heated Kitchen Soak Tank

250L kitchen soak tank is suitable for most kitchen equipment cleaning. You can also choose the auto lift system for this model which can help you move cleaning objects in an easier way. The constant temperature design will allow the soak tank to maintain a certain temperature for a long time which will make sure you can clean your kitchen tool all the time.

Additional information

Internal Size


External Size

L945x575x800mm(with the
height of the casters)

Power Supply

100~240V single phase


1unit/wooden case

Tank Material



Constant Temperature Design


Details About 250L Heated Kitchen Soak Tank

Why You Need Hongsonic Soak Tank?

Those not using a heated soak tank typically rely on a three-compartment sink for cleaning dirty pots and pans and other items. Removing caked-on grease and carbon this way can be labor-intensive, aggravating to employees, and ergonomically impactful over time. Chemicals used also can be harmful. Water costs are significant because water needs to be replaced three to eight times a day. That water needs to be heated. Sanitizer and detergent also need to be replaced often. Also, scrubbing the items can reduce their life expectancy.Using a heated soak tank, water can be used for days at a time and the solution in the tank can last for a full month.

Benefits Of Using Hongsonic Soak Tank:

1. Labor Savings

Remove the most difficult, time-consuming part of the clean-up routine and save staff hours. Our Soak Tank System requires no scrubbing or scraping! After soaking pots and pans, simply rinse and sanitize in your sink. Hongsonic soak tank changes your cleaning solution and cleans your tank regularly to keep your system running at peak efficiency, no matter how much cleaning you do.

2. Cost Savings

The Soak Tank System reduces labor expenses, keeps utensils working instead of waiting, extends the useful life of equipment and materials, and results in substantial savings on cleaning materials. 

3. Always On The Job

The Integrated Sanitation Management Soak Tank System is always there when you need it. Think of it as a trusted and reliable employee who is always ready to clean.

4. Multi-Use

The Hongsonic Soak Tank System quickly cleans grease filters, utensils in equipment. Soak everything from roaster racks, burner elements, and charbroil grates to fryer baskets, and cookware that’s too greasy for the dish machine.

5. Self Contained System

Our Soak Tank System includes a tough, polyurethane tub and our special soaking solution (a non-flammable, odorless, biodegradable, alkaline cleanser) that meets USDA guidelines for foodservice use. Conveniently mounted on wheels to be moved easily to wherever you need it, the system does not tie up your sink or expensive equipment.

6. Improves Food Quality

Because the system removes baked-on grease and carbon build-up that can cause uneven heat distribution, food prepared in pots and pans cleaned by the Soak Tank System, cooks properly, and provides optimal taste.

7. Reusable

Since the solution stays in its own tank, there’s no need to discard it after soaking. The same solution continues cleaning right up to the next scheduled service call.

8. Safe and Easy To Use

An Hongsonic soak tank changes and mixes your solution, so you don’t have to worry about accidents, misuse or product waste. We make sure the strength of your solution is right every time.

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