15L Ultrasonic Cleaner With Drain Vavle

15L ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for cleaning carburetor, gun parts, circuit board, lab instrument, and other dirty parts you want to clean. We have five different function models for different applications. For example, low noise series will be very suitable for laboratory, hospital and dental office because these places will require a quiet environment. If you still have questions about what you need to choose, please feel free to contact our sales team.

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Details About 15L Ultrasonic Cleaner With Drain Vavle

 Brief Introduction Of 15L Ultrasonic Cleaner:

15L ultrasonic cleaner is a helpful cleaning tool for your dirty parts. It has 360W ultrasonic power which can handle the normal cleaning job. Besides we have five different series for you to choose.

  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner without additional function. (This model is a classic model which was made more than 20 years ago. It has stable quality and power. )
  • Mechanical control ultrasonic cleaner without additional function. (This model is also a classic model which was made more than 20 years ago. The analog control is an easy control way. It has stable quality and power. )
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with degas and double power. (This model is designed for handling heavy cleaning tasks and light cleaning tasks at the same time. You can choose different power according to your cleaning task. The degas function will help improve the cleaning effect.)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with low noise and power-adjustable. (This model is specially designed for customers who need a low noise environment. It can cut working noise under 60db.)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with adjustable power. (This model can adjust ultrasonic power from 0 to full power)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with sweep frequency, degas and power-adjustable. (This model has sweep frequency function which can avoid the hot spot during ultrasonic cleaning)

You might want to know what is degas function and what is sweep frequency function. Please check below:

Degas: Degas function can drive out gas in cleaning liquid which will absorb ultrasonic energy.

Sweep frequency: Sweep frequency technology to ensure uniform levels of ultrasonic activity throughout the fluid, these baths offer high performance giving an accurate and precise ultrasonic process. It can avoid the hot spot on the cleaning object.

Application Of 15L ultrasonic cleaner:

It can be widely used in various industries. Please check the chart below:

IndustryThe cleaning products and materialsClear dirt
Semi-conductorIntegrated circuit, power tube, silicon wafer, diode, lead frame, capillary, tray, etc.Hards, etching oil, polishing wax, dust particles, etc,
Electrical& electronic machineTube parts, cathode ray tube, printed circuit board, quartz parts ,electronic components, telephone switching equipment, speaker components, power meter, LCD glass, core iron parts, computer floppy disk, video parts, head, photo die mask, etcFinger print, powder, cutting oil, stamping oil, iron filings, polishing materials, walnut powder, polishing wax, resin, dust, etc.
Precision machineBearing, sewing machine parts, typewriter, textile, machine, optical mechanical device,  gas valve, watches cameras, metal filterMachine cutting oil, iron filings, polishing powder, fingerprint, oil, grease, dirt, etc
Optical deviceGlasses, lens, prism, optical lens, filter lens, glass device, film, optical fiber, etc.Plastic resin, paraffin, finger printing, etc.
Hardware& machinery partsBearing, gear, ball, metal shaft parts, tools, adjustable valve and cylinder parts, burner, compressors, hydraulic press, gun and ultracentrifuge, city water faucet, etcCutting oil, iron filings, grease, polishing powder, fingerprint and so on.
Medical instrumentMedical instrument, denture, etc.Iron filings., Polishing powder, oil, stamping oil, dirt, etc.
ElectroplateGalvanized parts, mold, stamping parts, etc.Polishing scrap iron, oil, black iron shell, rust, oxidation shell, scrap iron, polishing powder,  stamping oil, dirt, etc.
Car partsPiston ring, carburetor, flow meter housing, compressor shell, electrical components, etc.Iron filings, polishing powder, oil stamping oil, dirt,  etc.
Chemical fiberChemical or artificial fiber nozzle filter protector chemical fiber texture, etc.The Chemical colloid, glue, and other solid material. dust. Etc.

Customer’s Feedback:


How To Select the Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Selecting the ultrasonic cleaner best-suited for your requirements calls for a lot of thought. We present some considerations here and are always ready to discuss your needs in detail to help you make the correct decision.

“Off the shelf” ultrasonic cleaners are available in sizes from small benchtop units to industrial-scale floor-mounted models holding up to approximately 100 gallons of cleaning solution. Customized cleaners can also be ordered. The size should be selected based on the largest marine engine component you’ll be cleaning. This helps determine the cleaning solution capacity and the internal dimensions of the cleaning tank. Small components will be placed in mesh baskets for immersion in the cleaning solution, and baskets have slightly smaller dimensions than tank interiors. This brings up two points:

  1. Take into account what is called working depth, the distance from the bottom of the basket to the surface of the cleaning solution. Parts must be fully immersed for proper cleaning.
  2. Be certain that the basket is capable of handling the weight of parts being cleaned. If you are cleaning heavy parts select a tank that will allow you to rest the parts on supports fabricated to the tank bottom or, conversely, suspend the parts from an overhead support. In the latter case, parts should not contact the tank bottom and sides.

Why You Need the Ultrasonic Carb Washing Machine?

Power sports, such as motorcycle racing, jet skis, and bobsled riding, can be rough on the components of these machines. Over a season of hard use, maintenance needs to be done, particularly on carburetors. Since an engine only needs fuel, air, and spark to live, and the carb is responsible for two-thirds of that equation, many motorcycles and other power sports vehicle engine issues stem from this vital part. Yet, it’s also a hard part to clean with traditional methods. Enter the ultrasonic cleaner. With an ultrasonic cleaning unit and the right detergent, a business that services power sport vehicles can move from hours of tedious labor with dangerous chemicals to a smooth and thorough cleaning operation accomplished in a fraction of time and for a fraction of the cost.

In short, an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner eliminates soaking in dangerous solvents or tedious hand-scrubbing. It also significantly decreases the labor time required for most maintenance and repair jobs, freeing workers for other tasks. An ultrasonic cleaning device thoroughly cleans all parts safely, including all chrome pieces, carburetors, pistons, cylinders, and all transmission parts, and it eliminates the need for toxic waste removal or other expensive services.

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