10L Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner With Drain Vavle

10L ultrasonic cleaner is a useful tool for cleaning small carburetor in your workshop. We have five different function models for different applications.  If you still have questions about what you need to choose, please feel free to contact our sales team.

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Details About 10L Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner With Drain Vavle

How To Use Hongsonic Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner?

The actual cleaning of the carburetor itself in an ultrasonic cleaner is fairly straight forward. First, disassemble your carburetor down to a level where all parts will have access to the water. With an ultrasonic cleaner, you may not have to completely take your carburetor apart, but for the best results, we suggest you do so. Next, lay your parts inside the parts basket, or however, you plan to keep them suspended from the bottom of the tank. Lastly, turn on your unit’s heater, choose your cleaning cycle time, and hit go. It’s that easy!

Advantage Of Hongsonic Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner:

  • Eliminates soaking or hand-scrubbing
  • Significantly decreases labor time required for most maintenance and repair jobs
  • Thoroughly cleans all parts safely, including all chrome pieces, carburetors, pistons, cylinders, and all transmission parts
  • Eliminates the need for toxic waste removal or other expensive services

How Does Hongsonic Ultrasonic Carb Cleaner Work?

An ultrasonic cleaner is used by adding a cleaning solution inside a tank and then placing the components to be cleaned in the solution. Then, the ultrasonic cleaner generates ultrasonic waves into the cleaning solution. The waves separate the cleaning solution’s molecules apart causing vacuum cavities. These cavities then implode causing de-cavitation of ultra high energy spots. These de-cavitations act as microscopic scrubbers that clean efficiently. Ultrasonic cleaners can clean these hard to reach areas. Ultrasonic cleaners only remove oil, carbon, varnish, and dirt. O-rings, seals and plastic components can be left in place. Having an ultrasonic cleaner that has the ability to heat the solution has a huge advantage as well. It is very similar to a dish asher, which uses heat and water to remove food particles from utensils.

Benefits Of Hongsonic Ultrasonic Carb Cleaner

One might imagine that forces of cavitation strong enough to eat grease and rust away would be powerful enough to cause damage to metal, as well. While such an effect is technically possible, it is prevented in practice, by using the right ultrasonic equipment to apply the appropriate frequency and power for the specific cleaning application needed.

Megasonic (frequencies of 200kHz-1.2 MHz) and Ultrasonic (frequencies of 20khz-200kHz) cleaning is one of the most advanced cleaning approaches in existence; such technology is used to clean everything from semiconductor wafers to computer parts, to large rugged industrial parts safely and effectively.

Hongsonic Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner can be used to address a wide variety of motorcycle and automotive cleaning applications. The environmental and monetary benefits of ultrasonic cleaners are also quite significant. The method requires no use of harsh chemicals or solvents and is therefore healthy both for the environment and for workers. Contact Kaijo for a free consultation or quote on using the right ultrasonic cleaning equipment for your cleaning application.

Brief Introduction Of 10L Ultrasonic Cleaner:

10L ultrasonic cleaner is a helpful cleaning tool for your dirty parts. It has 360W ultrasonic power which can handle the normal cleaning job. Besides we have five different series for you to choose.

  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner without additional function. (This model is a classic model which was made more than 20 years ago. It has stable quality and power. )
  • Mechanical control ultrasonic cleaner without additional function. (This model is also a classic model which was made more than 20 years ago. The analog control is an easy control way. It has stable quality and power. )
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with degas and double power. (This model is designed for handling heavy cleaning tasks and light cleaning tasks at the same time. You can choose different power according to your cleaning task. The degas function will help improve the cleaning effect.)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with low noise and power-adjustable. (This model is specially designed for customers who need a low noise environment. It can cut working noise under 60db.)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with adjustable power. (This model can adjust ultrasonic power from 0 to full power)
  • Digital control ultrasonic cleaner with sweep frequency, degas and power-adjustable. (This model has sweep frequency function which can avoid the hot spot during ultrasonic cleaning)

You might want to know what is degas function and what is sweep frequency function. Please check below:

Degas: Degas function can drive out gas in cleaning liquid which will absorb ultrasonic energy.

Sweep frequency: Sweep frequency technology to ensure uniform levels of ultrasonic activity throughout the fluid, these baths offer high performance giving an accurate and precise ultrasonic process. It can avoid the hot spot on the cleaning object.

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