0.8L Circuit Board Ultrasonic Cleaner Without Drain Vavle

The 0.8L circuit board ultrasonic cleaner is very suitable for the cleaning circuit board of the mobile phone. It will be a useful tool for the mobile phone repair shop.

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20 GP:4390pcs/40 GP:8836pcs


Details About 0.8L Circuit Board Ultrasonic Cleaner Without Drain Vavle

Why Do You Need Ultrasonic Cleaner For Circuit Board?

Printed circuit boards need to be safely and efficiently cleaned to keep these precision parts free from contaminants. Hong Sonic ultrasonics is the way to keep PCBs and other delicate parts for electronic devices clean. Our ultrasonic cleaning machines can help improve the performance of your PCBs while extending their life. That is because our cleaning methods thoroughly remove contaminants such as oils, oxides, residues and solder paste.

Ultrasonics reaches small, hard-to-get-at areas of PCBs, resulting in a consistently clean finished product no matter how complicated or fragile the instrument. Ultrasonic cleaning can else be used to save PCBs and other electronics from deterioration caused by corrosion, dust, and dirt. What’s more, ultrasonic cleaning provides a wide range of benefits for PCB manufacturers. Because of the speed and ability to save on power, water, and detergents, ultrasonic cleaning saves manufacturers both time and money.

Whatever the size or shape of the PCBs that needs to be cleaned, ultrasonics provides a way to clean them without resulting in damage to these delicate parts. Need an efficient and easy-to-use cleaning system for your PCB stencils and related components? Hong Sonic has designed and manufactured a cleaning system specifically for parts such as these. Skip traditional solvent cleaning methods and instead opt for Hong Sonic immersible module ultrasonic system to remove contaminants.

Watch Your Frequency

The one thing that you must be very careful with is the frequency. Generally, frequencies between 27 and 40 kHZ are appropriate to clean electronics. If the frequency is set too high, the damage might occur.

If you are unsure what frequency you are using, or there may be some error in your ultrasonic cleaner’s settings, do not use your cleaner to clean electronics until those problems are resolved.

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