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Hey Guys, I am the webmaster of hongultrasonic.com.

I worked in my favorite ultrasonic cleaner company.
I love the product designed by my company. I still remember the day when I first saw how it clean the blind hole of my eyeglass. It makes me believe that ultrasonic cleaner can truly help customers to solve cleaning troubles.

Since then, I have started to learn all knowledge about ultrasonic cleaners. It is including the production process.
When I go to the production line, I can discuss the product with production manager Gao all day long.

Gao often said: Michael, do you know you can be a TOP production manager if you are not in charge of foreign sales. I said, Aha, maybe I can be better than you. :)

I am very proud of the products.

Yet, not everybody has such a chance to learn ultrasonic cleaner as me. So there are many customers having trouble buying suitable ultrasonic cleaner or using an ultrasonic cleaner.

In my 8 years of experience as a product manager, more than one customer is asking the same questions. Such as how to choose ultrasonic cleaner, supplier, etc.

So I decided to share our professional experience and knowledge. We think it can help customers find a better machine for their application.

This experience and knowledge are very useful for a lot of our customers in the past 15 years.

Besides, we always improve our experience according to customers’ feedback.

If you want to get in touch with me, please send email to michael@hongultrasonic.com

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