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Our product range is covering from plastic ultrasonic cleaner to fully automated cleaning line and surgical mask making machine. You can find any ultrasonic cleaner and mask machine you need here. We are not only selling the product but also the dedicated service from our side to your side.

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Low Noise Ultrasonic Cleaner

Working noise used to be an annoying problem when the customer uses an ultrasonic cleaner. Now, we can cut the working noise under 60db. It will be suitable for the lab, hospital, and dental office. If you have such a problem, this product will be your perfect solution.

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Hongsonic has solved more than thousands of cleaning problems since 2003. We can offer various ranges of products for different industries and different requirements.

When cavitation happens near a dirty object, the vacuum action produced by those million of bubbles constantly imploding creates a tiny pressure wave that reaches deep into every nook and cranny of even the most delicate items. This tiny pressure wave dislodges and breaks up the dirt and other contaminants and gently lifts it away. The result is very fast and effective cleaning.

A large variety of different formulas designed for specific applications. Proper selection is crucial for acceptable cleaning activity and to prevent unwanted reactions with the workpiece.

Metals such as gold and platinum are safe to clean with ultrasonic devices.
Hard natural gemstones can also be put into an ultrasonic cleaner provided that they have few inclusions and have not been treated with heat or chemicals.
Anyway, be sure to ask the jeweler at the time you purchase any piece of jewelry whether it can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.
There might be unsuitable alloys or gems, or some gemstones may have been treated, becoming more vulnerable in the process.

You can send your cleaning problems to our sales team and they will arrange your free cleaning test according to your situation.

Frequency is suggested based on pollutants in the objects.
28kHz frequency is stronger, better for car/motor/truck/vessel parts clean(oils, grease,rust,pastes, etc. )
40kHz is better for PCB boards, electronic parts, etc.
Higher precision goods, higher frequency.

Ultrasonic cleaning is considered safe for most parts; although in some cases it is necessary to observe caution. Although the effect of thousands of implosions per second is very powerful, the cleaning process is safe.

Solutions that have low flash points should not be added. The cavitation process works by releasing energy, which is converted to heat and then to kinetic energy. As a result, high-temperature gradients are generated in the solutions. Using flammables, bleach, acids, or other such agents produces even higher temperature gradients that can be extremely risky. Here is a list of effective cleaning solutions:
• Alkaline Solutions: With a pH of 10 or higher, they are great for cleaning stainless steel, metals, zinc, tin, copper, and cast iron. Alkaline solutions also work well when cleaning ceramics, glass, and plastic materials.
• Acidic solutions: they have a pH of 5 or lower hence, more aggressive than alkaline solutions. As such, acidic solutions are used for cleaning specific materials, e.g., removing oxides from metals as long as the solution contains inhibitors that protect the base material.
• De-ionized water: it is great for cleaning all kinds of material-metals, plastics, rubber, glass, and fabrics.
• High Caustic solutions: these are special alkaline solutions used for removing waxes, heavy grease, and oils from steel, cast iron, and stainless steel.


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